Let's Discuss How Brain-Based Storytelling Might Help With Your Goals:

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I call Craig the “Pitch Doctor” because he approaches diagnosing and treating your pitch with all the skill and precision that you expect from top-notch professionals. He doesn’t only coach you through best practices in storytelling, he also teaches you the scientifically-proven why behind the choices you can make. As a result, the story you tell will be one that only you can tell, that expresses all you have accomplished in a way that’s thrilling, unique, and ultimately mind and heart-changing.
— Deborah Chang, Co-Founder of Nexus Works
Everything that you think you know about pitching is wrong. Luckily, Craig shows you how to do it right. Craig helps you to craft a narrative that research proves breaks down barriers to your message being received. If you need to pitch, persuade, present, or just want to make sure that you successfully get your message across, you must work with him.
— Aaron Foss, Founder of Nomorobo
As one of the facilitators at Startup Weekend, I had the pleasure of working with and observing Craig’s teaching techniques. He is a master storyteller who is able to break down the art of public speaking in a manageable and digestible way. I wish he was there to prep me before every presentation!
— Mario Vino, Startup Weekend Facilitator
Craig has some kind of magical ability to mold your speech to be an emotional extension of yourself, to wrap the words with the feelings you intended them to carry. Wizard. No bull.
— Taron Lizagub, Founder and CEO of Rodin, Inc and Knoxlabs