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The BrainBase Consultation package consists of two 60-minute phone calls or skype sessions to evaluate your pitch/presentation in depth and upgrade your content with brain-based storytelling.

If you’re just starting to develop your material, these sessions will give you motivation, focus, and compelling objectives. If you’ve already been delivering your pitch or presentation but you’re disappointed in the response, we’ll evaluate why your message isn’t getting through and pinpoint trouble spots for revision.

Before we work together, you'll share any material you've already developed, and I’ll share focused worksheets to get you asking and answering the right questions to make the most of the first hour.

In our first session, we'll brainstorm how to better structure and shape your material, as I give you actionable, detailed, and fast-paced feedback. Then you’ll go off and revise and send your improved draft in advance of our second call.

During our second session, we’ll get even more specific about your organization and language, so that you can deeply impact your audience and accelerate your professional goals.

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