How can I not start with a story?

The first time I remember realizing the power of narrative was in the 3rd grade. A painfully shy kid... until I was pushed to compete in the annual storytelling contest. 

We essentially had to memorize a 5-minute folk tale and perform it completely still with our hands behind our back, using only vocal dynamics and facial expressions to captivate our peers. (Fairly masochistic for anyone with fear of public speaking.)

But when I got up in front of the class and had their undivided attention for the very first time... I was hooked.


I went on to compete in national speech competitions at Regis High School in NY, study theatre at Williams College in MA, and attend film school at Columbia University.

Throughout my career, I've never stopped exploring exactly how and why audiences are drawn to story, both as a filmmaker with Sunnyside Films and a public speaking instructor and presentation coach.

Until I finally started decided to codify what I've learned for tech and business professionals and build BrainBase Communications.

The difference between me and other communications consultants is not only that I promote narrative-driven strategies. I specifically look to what brain research says about story to figure out the specific patterns and structures that our minds are biologically programmed to respond to. And then I teach you how to use that narrative code to impact and move your audience and customers.